A new way to live your space

Once upon a time there was an office, with a chair, a table, and a flower on the windowsill. Then came remote working, with a chair and table in your kitchen and a flower as a background on the computer. Tomorrow there will be the Hubquarter. The whole city will be your table and chair. New relationships will blossom like flowers.

The change is already happening

After being forced to work from remote, people have realised that they need the workplace. But at the same time, they know they can no longer give up the autonomy they have gained. The solution is a third way: hybrid work, through a model that combines the autonomy of individuals with the generative power of interpersonal relationships.

The Present

The people who consider their workplace non engaging


The workers who have been defined “overworked” and “outright exhausted”


The people who want to choose their own workplace


The people who desire a flexible job

The bridge to the future of work

From headquarter to Hubquarte

No longer a model built on the centrality of government and control, but on widespread opportunities and the sense of responsibility of individuals.

Freeing up space, opening it up to the city and multiplying its functions allows us to have a series of experiences available in several different places.

Hubquarter: our vision

Every place has a vocation, its 'genius loci', which influences our state of mind and our growth.

Hubquarter values emotional and relational aspects as well as functional ones. In this way, spaces come alive with relationships, generating ideas, and giving people the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge.