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Eco System

An organisation provides workstations for its people, resources, and direct collaborators from amongst its real estate assets. Not only does it allow booking and access to workstations that are made flexible and multifunctional, but the technology platform also enables participation in a series of activities, such as events or training courses, contributing to the enrichment of the user’s experience.

One or more organisations share a larger number of workstations with others that are related or complementary to their own industry. The number of shared spaces and experiences enabled by the platform increases dramatically: all environments are accessible and can be booked by the people of each organisation involved, facilitating the choice of workplace based on the vocations of the space and the communities of people who inhabit it.

The hubs of the network extend to the entire city: not only organisations, but also theatres, parks and museums participate in the realisation of an innovative experience of shared space on the territory. The number of people involved increases and the level of openness of each environment rises, which, thanks to the technological platform, is then made available to all citizens, generating ongoing exchanges.

The technology platform

To activate the Hubquarter model, it is necessary to have a technology platform to enable and manage the shared spaces. The app can map the vocation of individual places, measuring the relational aptitude of people within their communities and guaranteeing the personalisation of spaces according to individual needs.


Enhance people’s work experience, making it generative, flexible, and creative.


Manage unused space, making it accessible and facilitating the booking of desks and meeting rooms.


Measure all tangible and intangible data of the building and the people in it on a new and engaging platform.

Smart Contract: security and transparency

The technology platform makes it possible to match supply and demand of services by concluding secure and transparent digital contracts.

Smart Contracts certify the levels of performance required of a supplier, verify the implementation of services in the manner and form agreed, and ensure that the right amount is paid. Every transaction is certified; every performance is verified and measured.

The platform advocates three rights: the right to obtain a benefit/service, the right to see it paid for and, for those who inhabit the space, the right to an enhanced experience.

The advantages of the platform

Generates value from unoccupied space

Unoccupied spaces in public and private organisations are shared and come back to life and generate value. The economy of territories is no longer subject to mass migration and each workplace becomes attractive for specific communities of professionals.

Supports the growth of people and organisations

The workday is transformed into a training session. By choosing where to work, according to the vocation of the individual space and of the people who inhabit it, it is possible to constantly increase skills and develop new capabilities.

Enables and generates new networks

Every organisation becomes a large square that generates new meetings, connections, and experiences. Spaces come alive with relationships and become idea-generating thus increasing people’s sense of belonging and community.

Encourages entrepreneurship

It inspires a real change in mentality: from a logic of command and control to one centred on trust and responsibility. The ability to choose the where, when, and how allows people to be the architects of their own personal and professional development.

Reduces the impact and redistributes resources

Organisations grow by supporting the development of communities and the territory in which they operate. The percentage of CO2 emissions is reduced thanks to efficient travel, while resources and services are redistributed evenly throughout the territory.